The Process

I develop a bespoke programme for every client, based on the type of person they are and their specific goals and objectives. Mentoring programmes run for a minimum of six months, frequently being extended to twelve and in some cases beyond.

The challenges and problems people experience in life are often similar.

What differs is the effect that these have on individuals and how they overcome them. That is why I take time to get to know my clients before creating a unique programme just for them.

A typical 6 month mentoring programme:

Initial meeting – compatibility

  • The employer / line manager outlines what he/she is aiming to achieve through mentoring
  • The employee (client) outlines the areas they are looking to improve upon and their objectives for doing so
  • One hour ‘chemistry session’ with the client, before proceeding with the Main programme, to ensure complete buy-in. Without this neither they or the company will reap the benefits of mentoring or achieve return on their investment.

Main programme
Set goals, monitor, mentor, develop, measure – repeat

  • Months 1 & 2

    Over four intensive sessions in the first eight weeks, I get to know the client and identify key challenges, problems and goals. We work on visualising a future with problems and goals conquered, develop plans for how get there and set a system for success measurement.
  • Months 3, 4 & 5

    The next three meetings are monthly and revolve around measuring progress and success, and setting new goals for the next month. The process is flexible so if at any point an approach isn’t working, we go back and find the right way to achieve success.
  • Month 6

    A review is held to assess progress and success to date. At this six month point, some clients feel that mentoring has helped achieved their goals. Others choose to continue working with me for a further six months to multiply the benefits and success they have achieved.