Success Stories

I work with individuals and companies from any industry. My bespoke mentoring approach means that it´s people and their problems that I concentrate on rather than what they do and who for.

I have been privileged to work with some very talented people in the past.

Some of the highlights of my recent work are:

Change management & team development

A client, recently with Bank of ireland, became Director of Property and I helped him, with one-to-one mentoring to build and develop his new team, working with six people in total.

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In addition to their normal work of maintaining and developing the Company’s thousands of sites, they designed, built and managed the corporate Head Office transfer from Birmingham to a new building in Coventry, introducing ‘hot desking’ as a new corporate practice on the way.

The project involved intensive communication and consultation with people at every level; it went very smoothly and the new building is working well.

My mentoring work involved coaching the six managers in team-working, communication and managing relationships with both Board members and junior staff.

“It has not been easy but it has been incredibly beneficial and unlike previous experiences it has been well worth it.”

Senior manager in charge of the building and removal

Improved strategic development within international insurance company

A highly competent and successful Area Manager (Birmingham) was transferred to head Office in Gloucester with a brief to assist the Company in developing and implementing its strategy for the future.

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I coached her in dealing with the challenges of moving from a line to a staff job, and in working with people, often senior to her, who sometimes regarded other priorities as more pressing than hers.

She was so successful that they appointed her as Chief Executive of Ansvar Insurance, a subsidiary company. There I continued as her mentor as she restructured the management, successfully executing strategy and delivering targeted results.

I also ran a team-building event for her senior management which facilitated the major changes taking place.

“I would not be exaggerating if I was to say that working with Nick turned out to be life changing for me… For me, Nick is a very wise and experienced man who has a deep caring for his clients and works hard and over and above expectations to deliver the right results. He will also be incredibly honest and this is what is required.”

Chief Executive, Ansvar Insurance

Estates management

I introduced the idea of personal mentoring and team-building to a group of specialist farmers running a large country estate mixed farm (2500 acres).

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One-to-one and group sessions were successful in overcoming scepticism among traditionally independent-minded people; the result has been a transformation of attitudes and greatly improved performance.

“I was the most sceptical of the whole group; I thought it was absolute bunkum. In the event, I was the one who benefited most from it.”

herd Manager, Kemble Farms

Management restructuring within fresh produce distribution company

A young Financial Accountant was recruited to become Regional Finance and Operations Manager for this, the largest fresh produce distributor in Europe.

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Again, he was confronted with independent-minded market traders and the task of introducing sophisticated control techniques and restructuring management, together with the local line manager, to improve commercial performance.

With my coaching, he has been very successful in this task and the profitability of the operation has improved substantially despite difficult trading conditions.

“Nick brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise from his own business career to the one to one discussions. The process enables a personal development and focuses on individual learning requirements. The sessions are relaxed, insightful and enjoyable.”

Regional Finance and Operations Manager, Total Produce

Board level personal development

Assisting the new Chief Executive bymentoring three members of his team, one at board level, to improve relationships and synergy, working all the time under intense pressure to achieve improved results in the current economic climate.

“We can point to a number of successes. I am pleased with all of the progress, particularly in their focus of achievement.”

Chief Executive, Bath Building Society