My Mentoring

Over a series of confidential sessions, I work with clients to help them discover their potential, eliminate barriers and add skills for personal development and improved workplace performance.

As demands on individuals, teams and organisations grow, the pressure for increased personal effectiveness and performance intensifies.

Companies can either hope that employees will meet this pressure on their own or invest in supporting their progress and wellbeing. Evidence and experience suggests that investment is the best way to safeguard return on investment. After all, you wouldn’t pay for a team of Premiership footballers and not coach them would you?

I get better results than in-house training and mentoring because I am a third party. Employees can speak with me in confidence, about everything that’s holding them back, without fear of repercussions. My mentoring can help your people:

  • Add missing skills
  • Build relationships within teams
  • Deal positively with conflict
  • Work closely with others who react to things differently
  • Achieve a balanced life, eliminating external problems that hold work back
  • Improve their general motivation and performance

I help them to discern opportunities, to understand and come to terms with problems that they already know about or have been concealing from themselves. I don’t tell clients what to do, my process instead asks questions and provides guidance to enable them to find answers and solutions for themselves. This not only produces better immediate results, but also makes them far more likely to continue to progress in their self development once the mentoring programme comes to an end.