About Nick

I'm not one of those “coaches” with qualifications and no business experience.

I've done it, been there.

A unique combination

I spent 30 years in business, 10 at CEO level, running companies twice as profitable as the industry average, delivering 10% real growth in EBIT each year, in the jungle that is the UK grocery business, dealing the big beasts of the supermarket trade.

I specialised in turning round and running operations in newly acquired subsidiaries, ending with two Chief Executive assignments developing highly successful manufacturing companies.

In almost every case, the transformation I achieved in these businesses was through working with the existing personnel to develop themselves. Using the same leadership methods and principles that I apply in my mentoring today, I was able to inspire them to greater personal self-worth, motivation and increases in performance. They in turn used their new found skills to inspire and motivate others.

Put that together with 15 years as a parish priest and you have a unique combination of hard driving business acumen and personal empathy. People tell me things they won’t tell their boss or peer group, sometimes even things they won’t admit to themselves!

So if you, or your people, have got issues or you want to crank up your business performance, get in touch.